Bonpet Grenade

Our Company is official dealer and distributor of BONPET system in Cyprus.


  • Material: PVC
  • Filling: 500 ml of liquid Bonpet
  • Usage: As a fire-extinguishing grenades. Granato with mentanjem smash near the fire.

The purpose of extinguishing grenades Bonpet:  Grenades Bonpet are designed for extinguishing fires in small confined areas where potential sources of fire.

Grenade is recommended to use the following features:

  • effectively extinguishing any incipient stage and the protection of property and lives in households, businesses, boaters, and others;
  • used to fire the grenade throwing to the source of fire;
  • does not cause additional damage for fire, because the residual liquids easily wipe;
  • contains environmentally friendly extinguishing agent.

Advantages: It has a long life (5 years), no maintenance costs.

Size, weight, quantity: Size: 197mm×60mm (diameter), Weight: 700 g, grenade containing 500 ml of liquid extinguishing agent Bonpet.

Colors: extinguishing ampoule are available in two different color versions: white and red

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