BONPET Fire Tracing / Class F - Permanent System Fire Fighting in Professional kitchens

Our Company is an official dealer and distributor of BONPET system in Cyprus.

Technical Description

The extinguishing agent will be  BONPET liquid and is suitable for fires Class F (cooking oils and fats) as for type A fires (solid fuels), B (liquid fuel), C (gaseous fuels), without requiring interruption of electricity or fuel category F (Ref: 41499 F.701.6 17/8/2009), as well as certified in accordance with NFPA 18 Standard (Certificate Nr.: 11.YS.01.04) 12.5.2011

Will be  use containers of 6 – 9 – 12 liter, for storage and manage of extinguishing material BONPET, certified to withstand pressure (CE), which will have a special valve (slide) with manometer, the permanent link for the special tube – sensor and the main exit of extinguishing material from the container to the pipe network. Pressure vessel at 16 BAR (20th C), 
 Operating temperature -10 ° C to + 60 ° C. Propellant Nitrogen gas (N2).

The basic function of the system is based on a special hose that acts as a sensor detecting heat of fire. This fully flexible pipe heat tracing, is designed especially to withstand unusually harsh environmental conditions. Also can be placed very easily covering all protected equipment according to the requirements of the facility.

The specific detection tube in one end is connected to a special container valve and the other end of the terminal specific manual switch actuation. It will be under pressure of 18 bar and has an outer diameter 6mm and temperature fracture 160th to 180th C.

In a possible fire or sharp increase of the heat of sustained intense flame will cause rupture of the tube detection resulting in direct decompression and simultaneous mechanical actuation shutter, thereby running the sprinkler installation. Due to the singularity of the detection system and the purely mechanical operation, reducing any chances of malfunction and this because:

  • We have unlimited points detection resulting in direct activation of the system in the initial stage of the fire.
  •  Due to the easy and flexible mounting of the plastic hose to even the most inaccessible places, we direct detection in all risk areas.
  • The plastic hose fire detection remains free from any kind of shock or vibration, as well as from possible deposits of oil, grease, dust, in any environment of business establishments.
  • They do not need any electrical or electronic boards or other facilities for the detection and activation system.


H manual activation of the system is achieved through activation button, which is mounted in a special adapter on the finish line of pipe detection which has a built manometer for checking the readiness of the installation for proper operation.

After the cylinder, at the output of a specific shutter, apipes ½ (F15) starts, for the installation of open type nozzles that can be either copper or galvanized iron pipes or other type of iron or stainless steel pipe, that certified withstand pressure of at least 20 bar.

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