Double Leaf Doors

Our Company is an official dealer and installer of Italian factory, in Cyprus.

  • 140 x 205cm, 60min ή 120min
  • 150 x 205cm, 60min ή 120min
  • 160 x 205cm, 60min ή 120min
  • 180 x 205cm, 60min ή 120min
  • 200 x 205cm, 60min ή 120min ________________________
  • 140 x 205cm, 60min ή 120min
  • 150 x 215cm, 60min ή 120min
  • 160 x 215cm, 60min ή 120min
  • 180 x 215cm, 60min ή 120min
  • 200 x 215cm, 60min ή 120min
  • 120 x 215cm, 60min ή 120min
  • 135 x 215cm, 60min ή 120min

Κατόπιν Ειδική Παραγγελία:

  • Ειδικές Διαστάσεις
  • Πυρίμαχο Τζάμι 60min


Door weight: 35Kg / m2
Color: Selling Doors in Various Colors
Door thickness: 60mm
Reversible: Yes
Other features: Double sheet galvanized steel sheet 0.8mm, angular frame sheet 1.5mm, with key lock, black handle security setting reset the door gasket thermoexpanding 28mm, metal plate
Position: With moly or links

General information about The Double leaf door
Available unassembled with Frame on Three Sides. Has Priority Mechanisms for proper assignment of each door when they close.
Color: Various
60 or 120 minutes, certified by the New European prototype EN1634-1, for Single-leaf Double leaf.
The Certification Testing of Doors conducted by the Agency CSI, which is recognized by the Organization ESYD for the testing of fire doors.


General Features Doors:

  • Single Door total thickness 60mm, Outside Cover is made ​​of a Double Sheet Galvanized Sheet Metal 0,8mm.
    Interior consists of high density mattress
  • Corner Frame Sheet 1,5mm
  • Lock with Key
  • Black Knob Safety
  • Two hinges per Single Door, one of which is spring on Setting Restore the Door (adjustable pin).
  • Reinforcing plate inside the doors for possible placement of panic bar
  • Rubber thermoexpanding 28mm, for  comprehensive seal of the door in case of fire
  • Metal plate with CE certification, attached to the side of the door
  • Doors with Eco Paint Color water based, RAL 7035, Light Grey.

Other Doors Specifications: Weight Approx 35kg / m2 for Doors 60 “and 45kg / m2 for 120 Doors’
Every door is accompanied by Certificates, and Installation and Maintenance.
The dimensions listed in the list involve enwalling (Dimension from wall to wall)

Two mounting methods:

  • with Screws
  • with Links

NOTE: There is availability Doors in other colors RAL, there also ordered manufacturability Doors Dimensions Request.
For more information contact the Sales Department.