Fire Suppression Systems

Systems gross sprawling to protect sensitive electrical properties!

Fireproof Doors

Single and Double leaf Fireproof Doors, certified for their fire resistant, in all sizes and colors!


Fire Defender has fire extinguishers of all types and sizes with certifications from leading agencies.


Emergency Lighting – Exit Signage

Ampule Bonpet

The BONPET is an environment-friendly automatic fire extinguisher based on liquid.

Our Company is official dealer and distributor of BONPET system in Cyprus.


Automatic extinguishing assemblies are supplied as complete units, tested and ready to use (Just need connection  with water and electricity networks)

Automatic Firefighting Systems

Fire Suppression System, for Class (F) fires destined to Professional Kitchens is the most Reliable and Convenient Solution for the End User, whereas it offers by far the Safest, Fastest, Simplest & most Efficient Installation Process.

Fireproof Doors

Our company offers a wide range of fire resistant doors, single & double doors, sliding, covering all needs for residential areas, areas for special uses (hospitals, schools, hotels, etc..) and industrial areas.
Our Company is official dealer and installer of well known italian factory, in Cyprus.

Fire Defender is a private company based in Nicosia and its area of activity is spread throughout Cyprus. It specialize in fire prevention, detection and fire protection that can help you keep your buildings and people safe from the risk of fire. Our success is based on our operation and on our customer service. We create excellent relationships with our customers to whom, after we proper study their needs and wants, we then offer them the right solution for fire prevention.

   Fire Defender Experts are ready to give you the necessary advice and guidance for the safety and fire protection of your building and your facilities, both residential and business.


Take care for your personal safety

Secure your home with our fire-fighting products.
Prevention is the best defense against the danger.

Secure your staff

The security of your personnel is a safety of your pocket!

Fire Protection & Detection

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Our friendly behavior and credibility

From the beginning  of our business, our cooperation only with branded factories of firefighting items, responsible partners and especially our personal contact with the customer have given our company a remarkable position in the market.

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  • Flexible Personnel 75% 75%
  • Reliable Products 99% 99%

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