Autonomous Fire Detection Devices

Autonomous fire detection devices for industrial and residential. Designed and manufactured in Greece

BS-97 / BS-98

Standalone visible smoke detector, 230V
Tech. Features: BS 98  / BS 97



Autonomous gas detector, IP42, relay and buzzer
Activated when the content of liquefied petroleum gas (propane or butane) in the monitored area exceeds 5% – 15% of the LEL (lower explosive limit).
Features relay 5A at 220V and integrated buzzer.
Covering an area of ​​25 to 30 sq.m.
Tech. Features.: BS 687 BS 688



Autonomous natural gas detector, IP42, relay and buzzer
Tech. Features: BS 687 BS 688


BS-665 / BS-650/R

BS-665: Autonomous rise heat detector, 230V
Tech. Features.: BS 665

BS-650/R: Autonomous Smoke Detector with Relay
Tech. Features: BS 650-R


BS-690 / BS-691

BS-690: Autonomous Gas Detector with fire zone
BS-691: Autonomous Gas Detector with fire zone
BS 690 BS 691


BS-692 / BS-693

BS-692: External Gas Sensor for the BS-690 & BS-691
BS-693: External Gas Sensor for the BS-690 & BS-691
BS 692 BS 693


BS-694 / BS-695

BS-694: Autonomous Gas Detector 230V
BS-695: Autonomous Gas Detector 230V
Tech. Features: BS 694 BS 695


BS-673 / BS-674

BS-674: Autonomous Fire Detector with Battery
Tech. Features: BS 673 BS 674


Autonomous Siren, 100db, 230V


Autonomous Fire Detector Bell, 230V


Siren with Autonomous Button & Emergency Lighting, 230V

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