Our Profile

Fire Defender is a private company based in Nicosia and its area of activity is spread throughout Cyprus. It specialize in fire prevention, detection and fire protection that can help you keep your buildings and people safe from the risk of fire.

Our success is based on our operation and on our customer service. We create excellent relationships with our customers to whom, after we proper study their needs and wants, we then offer them the right solution for fire prevention.

Of course our products are highly sophisticated and in order to use them we had to go through some training as well as our personnel and we got a certification for us to be able to use and sell this products.

We have been certified as installer / administrate / maintenance of fire suppression systems. A certification of official dealership and installer of fire extinguishing products as well as the auto systems of a famous company around the globe. We have been trained for installing branded doors, gates and windows made by a professional company in Italy.

With a simple phone call or email a specialist of our company will be near you to inspect your premises and advise you on the steps you must take to protect your assets against the nightmare of a fire.

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