Analogue Fire Detection

Analogue fire detection systems (addressable). Designed and manufactured in Greece.

Addressable Fire Detector Panels 

BSR-1116: Fire Panel, one loop 16 zone

The panel BSR-1116 manufactured according to European standards EN54-2 and EN54-4. Each associated with the panel device has its own address and name of 16 characters which the user can define. In the loop can connect up to 150 addressable devices and has the capability for conventional devices. The devices can be divided into 16 zones without restriction parts per zone. The panel has two independently programmable outputs for sirens, which can connect conventional sirens and bells.
Technical Features: BSR 1116

BSR-6558: Printer for the panel BSR-1116
Technical Features: BSR 6558

A-1100: Software for the PC BSR-1116

BSR-2104: Fire Panel, 2 loops, 96 zone
Tech. Features: BSR 2104

BSR-2114: Fire Panel, 4 loops, 96 zone
Tech. Features: BSR 2114

BSR-2142:Τhermal printer for BSR-2104 & BSR-2114
Tech. Features:BSR 2142

A-2100: PC Software  for BSR-2104 & BSR-2114

Battery sealed lead 12V/7Ah

Analog type fire detectors (addressable)


Visible smoke detector 

It has an internal smart chamber with special transmitter & receiver to detect smoke. The detector continuously sends digital information to the panel about the amount of smoke. The pane; with the use of special algorithms decide whether to give alarm or not. It has conection with loop and special switchers that from there specifies the address.
Tech. Features.: BSR 6055-A


Visible smoke detector – thermic
Tech. Features.:  BSR 6057-A


Temperature Dedector
It has special temperature sensor which gives a similar trend with temperature. Inside the detector’s has a microprocessor which calculates the rate of temperature and constantly sends information to the panel. It has  conection similar to the probe and special little switchers.

Tech. Features.: BSR 6060-A

Analog type sirens  (addressable)


Addressable Siren, 92db
Tech. Features: BSR 5032


Remote LED detector
Tech. Support.: BSR 5072


Addressable Siren, 92db,  IP65
Tech. Features:  BSR 5032-WP



Addressable Siren,  100db for the BSR-1116
Tech. Features:  BSR 5031


Addressable siren, 100db, IP65 for the BSR-1116
Tech. Support.: BSR 5031-WP

Buttons addressable


Fire Alarm Button
Tech. Features.: BSR 5036-A


Fire Alarm Button, IP65
Tech. Features.: BSR 5036-A-WP

Other Addressable Devices


Input & Output Unit
Tech. Features.: BSR 8017


Input & Output Unit 
Tech. Features: BSR 8018


Printer for the Panel BSR-1116
Tech. Features: BSR 6558


Shorting isolator
Tech. Features: BSR 7070-A

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