Monnex - Dry Powder

The world's highest performing Dry Chemical Powder

In professional hands just 1 kg of Monnex can quickly extinguish a 144B tray fire with 96 litres of heptane fuel and a large surface area of 4.52 square metres. Monnex is in a class of its own, outperforming all other dry chemical powders on fire performance. When used in hand appliances, Monnex will easily extinguish fires which would otherwise require larger wheeled units.

Most flammable liquid fires are discovered by non firefighters with limited experience of fire fighting who can influence the early stages of fire development. MONNEX™ can make the difference and give these personnel the capability to prevent a crisis and stop an inferno developing in your facility. MONNEX™ is renowned as the world’s most powerful dry chemical powder for all flammable liquid and gas hazard fire fighting including those with an additional associated electrical hazard (Class BCE).

Unique Performance
MONNEX™ has a special technical ability that puts it head and shoulders above other BCE powders. High temperatures in the combustion zone cause MONNEX™ to explode, breaking the powder down into minute particles in the fire. This dramatically increases its surface area for rapid quenching of the free radicals that perpetuate the chain reaction of the fire. Unrivalled speed of control and fire extinction is therefore achieved. Tests have shown that this special characteristic can help plant operatives and unskilled users of dry chemical powder equipment to achieve greater success at extinguishing the fire. In effect the powder is helping to improve their technique and ensure every flame is quenched to avoid the risk of flashbacks.

MONNEX™ is ideally suited and frequently used in an extensive range of high risk fire fighting applications where quick and reliable fire protection is paramount:

  •  Oil refineries and terminals
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Gas processing and filtering facilities
  • Military applications
  • Aviation
  • Power generation

MONNEX™ can make the most of your existing fire fighting capabilities in a broad range of portable extinguishers, mobile trolley units, dry chemical powder skids, specialised dual agent systems and fire trucks. Whatever your delivery equipment, MONNEX™ will boost its erformance on all BCE hazards, and minimise the risk of fire escalation. Made at a single plant certified to ISO 9001:2000 in the UK, high performance MONNEX™ is based on potassium allophonate, a special potassium bicarbonate-urea complex originally developed by ICI.6343/1 07/05

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