Permanent Extinguishing System CO2

To Carbon Dioxide is a colorless, tasteless, odorless and inactive gas. In use there is no damage (as opposed to water or dry powder, which in many cases their use causes damage), it is harmless to most materials and does not pollute the food is not corrosive. After the fire evaporates completely and leaves no residue_ This can be used safely in areas with sensitive electrical and electronic installations, valuable works of art, paintings or manuscripts, storage of flammable liquids, electrical substations, ovens and cookers. Because it causes asphyxiation contraindicated its use in places there are people or animals. The three-dimensional effect of Carbon Dioxide means it can fight fires, both vertically and horizontally. The rapid movement allows to penetrate any obstacle through some opening and reaches inaccessible and hidden places_ To Carbon Dioxide is a stable commercial product with many other uses and is available worldwide_ The Safety Fire Suppression System can be operated either automatically or manually, and the automatic control can be achieved mechanically and pneumatically or electronically or by a combination thereof in connection with any conditions. The carbon dioxide is stored at room temperature in steel cylinders_ The pressure varies with temperature and at 210C is about 59 bar. It can build multiple array of bottles_ SYSTEM DESCRIPTION To Basic System consists of:

  • High pressure cylinders, seamless Capacity with different electrostatic paint red with gray neck_ The bottles are certified by the Ec 99/36 and EN 1964-1 (n).
  • Handle intellectual – with capacity for manual detonator.  It is also possible to install electric shutter activated depending on the requirement of the user.
  • Steel cylinder 3 liter pilot, full of nitrogen, with manual shutter to shutter actuated detonator or electric depending on the requirement of the user (pilot used when the number of bottles of two or more)_ The bottle is CE marked according to 97/23 / EC of TUV (CE 0036).
  • Collector high pressure, 300bar, galvanized diameter depending on the number of cylinders of 11.4 “to 3” by 3/4 inputs “and output accordingly from 3.4” to 3 “.
  • The Collector accompanied by a non-return valve 3/4 “- 3/4” and mounts on the wall.
    Also available: Mounting cylinders and control, high pressure piping for connecting the pilot between the bottles and the bottles with the collector, nozzles with different dimensions depending on the study


  • ISO 9809 – 1 EN 1964-1, e.g. 99/36 / Ec
  • CE CYLINDER PILOT 97/23 / Ec (TUV)
  • CE shutter (BV) CE 0062


  • Mount the base to the wall
  • Fix the bottles so that the output of the closures to be forward
  • Mount the pan and place the irreversible valves
  • Connect closures together with the tubes 3.8 “- 8.3” 3.8 .Place plug “is performed in flask
  • Connect closures with irreversible valves in the collector pipes using 21,78 – 3/4 “
  • Connect the pilot with the first bottle using tubes 21,78 – 3/4 “_
  • Place the detonator cap and 3/8 “bolt in the pilot


Οδηγίες σε pdf: CO2_olikis

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